Zsolt Kamaras

Zsolt Kamaras is a freelance furniture and exhibition designer who often works for artists, galleries and museums. Sometimes he also works on his own but collaboration seems to be the ideal form of expression. This is an online portfolio showcasing some works since living in Amsterdam.

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Signage system for Zandvoort

Located close to Amsterdam, Zandvoort is an important beach resort of the Netherlands. Its long sandy beach attracts a number of tourists, who have difficulties – as was proven by a survey – to find their way from the railway station to the beach facilities. I have developed a signage system where the use of different colours aims to help orientation.

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Cay Schröder fellow artist / colleague named this centrepiece desk after Nabokov’s famous novel. Copied 4 times after each other, the closing legs of Lolita support the high gloss top of this office desk that extends through an old Keizersgracht building. The bottom has its custom made integrated cable tray to minimise regular office electronic mess currently provided by an internet start-up company.

interior architect: Fernando Alonso


What Would Jesus Do asks Woes van Haaften in a church turned into a communication company’s office. Or What Would u Do – the option is yours offered by this flickering altarpiece that I designed together with Woes and Christopher Gabriel graphic designer.

Project, concept & art direction: Woes van Haaften / Inclusief Amsterdam
Typography: Christopher V. Gabriel / A Studio
Structure: Zsolt Kamarás
Neon tubes: Neon Weka & Rivolta
D.O.P.: Daan Nieuwenhuijs
Editor: Marijke Noordegraaf

Urban gardening in Amsterdam

Following the current trends in social design this shared garden’s former zen image is designed again together with Wouter Nieuwendijk- into an urban grocery. People from the  surrounding buildings grow their vegetables here, using compost tumblers to minimise their home organic waste. This is another example of a step-by-step design process where new elements are being added based on the needs of the locals and the success of the project. This project would not be sustained without the continuous support of Cascoland.

Oak table

This oiled oak dining table is lightweight, flexible and has a proper sound. All parts are rounded to give a pleasant feel. Comes in different size.  

Cascoland in Kolenkit

Cascoland (Fiona de Bell and Roel Schoenmakers) is currently running its headquarters in Kolenkit – a workingclass neigbourhood in Amsterdam – close to a former parking lot, which the municipality had turned into a green field. Jair Straschnow, Wouter Nieuwendijk and myself were asked to develop a program for the green area to encourage locals to take part in their community. The plan is realised in several steps including stairs, pathways for shortcuts, temporary ice skating rink for local kids, barbecue spaces and meeting points. Development and design of the space will be ongoing while the project exists.

Polly’s Picture Show

Polly’s Picture Show  features an exhibition of a group of young and ambitious photographers at the former Filmmuseum in Vondelpark, Amsterdam. In a particular spatial setting where two sloping projection rooms are connected to the central hallway of the 19th century villa I had the opportunity to tilt and move the exhibition walls.


Early example of a pop-up bicycle store in the heart of de Pijp in Amsterdam showcasing some of the extravagant models of the well-known bakfiets brand de Fietsfabriek.


Alominom referring to a moebius strip is a temporary public space sculpture by Pips:Lab member Kees Duives. Photographer Szilvia Tóth’s endless imagery reflects the surrounding of the actual installation in combination with the portrait of the artist’s father. Designed and made for Kees in cooperation with Wouter Nieuwendijk.


These desks were originally designed for Sandberg Instituut’s new meeting room. The new location of Gerrit Rietveld Academy’s Master Programme needed a series of furniture, which could be set up in several ways to serve the different purposes in a small space. The steel tube furniture was redesigned with a linoleum top and exhibited at NDSM island.

Wall Socket Candle Holder

Wall Socket Candle Holder is from a series of objects showcased at my Solo Show at  NDSM Island. All the objects are theoretical byproducts of my daily design work where I question the appropriate use of materials, sources, energy in practice.

Table for a private house

This table has a bamboo top that runs down on the inside of the coated legs as much for structural reasons as for the interwoven look of the object. The work is the predecessor of the oak desk.


(I) Desk for kids in De Paviljoens

De Paviljoens in Almere was a contemoprary exhibition space and museum until it closed its doors in 2013. For a while I worked for the museum as a maker, manager, technical assistant, designer with my finest architect-designer-artist colleagues. Here is a sample of a one-hour design project for the educational program of the museum.

Mister Kitchen

Mister Kitchen is running its kitchen/office in the old warehouses of Westerpark. Here again Fernando Alonso invited me to design three large, solid but ‘as light as possible’ communal tables. The result is an oiled bamboo desktop with a steel frame that suits the use, the building and the interior design.

10 Sandberg

Cay Schröder and I were asked to deal with the arrangement of contemporary artworks in a historical setting. We used the permanent exhibition of the Onze Live op de Solder church in the middle of the Red Light District to present a selection of artists form Sandberg Instituut’s Master Course, where we also graduated from. The first image shows Frank Tjepkma’s necklace hanging in front of a eucharistic miracle.


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The Nederlands

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